The M.Sc. degree programme in Human Disease Genetics aims to fill an important need in the country. We live in an age when genetics and molecular biology based approaches are being used for the diagnosis and care of medical conditions. The terms "preventive" and "personalized medicine" are commonly used in conjunction with these approaches. It is thus necessary to provide opportunities for learning in both the science and the ethics behind these advances, through exposure to both fundamental biological concepts and clinical medicine. The degree programme thus addresses an interdisciplinary area at the interface of modern biology and medicine. This unique course is composed of a comprehensive set of lectures, laboratory work, discussions and seminar sessions. Faculty at the Centre, the distinguished visiting faculty associated with the Centre and eminent scientists and medical practitioners from within and outside India will comprise the teachers.

The curriculum includes a range of subjects from fundamental biology, genetics and population biology to clinical genetics and genomics. Taken together they provide for a comprehensive education that will assist a student in contemporary bio-medical research and applications. Students will be kept up to date with modern techniques, with training in advanced DNA methods currently used to uncover genetic correlates of a range of human disorders. The course will also include first-hand experience in genetic counselling, including spells in clinical settings and formal courses on the ethical and legal issues related to human genome research. Students in their final semester will be expected to carry out a short research project. CHG faculty conduct active research into the biology of human genetic disorders, cancer genetics, evolutionary biology and other aspects of fundamental biology. Their valuable research experience is expected to especially help students interested in pursuing a career in research in bio-medical and clinically relevant areas of biology..


The university was established in 1916 by the Maharaja of Mysore, His Highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the first university in the princely State and sixth University in India, known for its glorious history, heritage, culture and quality in higher education. Sir M Visvesvaraya played a crucial role in the establishment of the university. It is now the mother of four universities. The main campus is located in Manasagangotri, Mysore spread over 739 acres of picturesque land abutting a sprawling lake and verdurous trees.

Mysore University has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council for the third time and is the recipient of grants under different prestigious Govt. of India schemes which include Institution of Excellence, University with Potential for Excellence, Centre of Potential for Excellence in a Particular area, Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence. It has thirteen SAP-UGC and four DST-FIST supported Departments. The H-Index of more than 25 faculty members is greater than 10.

Mysore University has 54 Postgraduate departments, 2 Postgraduate centres, one Satellite Centre, 4 Constituent Colleges, 202 affiliated colleges, 49 recognized research centres and 38 outreach centres spread over different parts of the country and abroad. It offers many Postgraduate and doctoral programs besides diploma and Certificate Courses. Several Postgraduate Departments house a National Research Facility. It is also home to quite a few highly specialised centres some of which are international in character. It has MOUs with many National and International Research Institutions and Universities for Academic Exchange Programmes. Besides excellent academic infrastructure, it provides very good facilities for students' stay and sports.

Needless to say, it would be a distinct honour for a student to receive a post-graduate degree from the University of Mysore. In order to provide this advantage to its students, CHG has tied up with the University of Mysore under its provision "Recognition of certain institutions for Specified Studies/Specialised Studies and Research Statutes 2008" to offer a Masters' Programme in 'Human Disease Genetics'. An MOU has been signed to this effect.

The University of Mysore has been ranked as one of the top 10 Universities (9th Place) in the country (India Today, June 30, 2014).